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Empower your sales teams with luxflow - an intuitive digital platform designed to streamline the new home buying process, enhancing the homebuyers' journey from reservation through to handover and beyond

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Save precious sales time
Keep your customers engaged
Provide absolute clarity
Manage documents easily

Empower your sales team to deliver an exceptional customer experience with luxflow

With luxflow, all customer updates, information and documentation can be easily shared and accessed in one single platform. It is the central hub of each customer’s journey with your company.

For your customers, luxflow can increase visibility, understanding, trust and satisfaction throughout each stage of their experience with you. Instead of feeling out of the loop or anxious, each stage of their journey is clear, concise and exciting.

For your sales team, luxflow enables more efficient and effective customer management. From reducing time spent dealing with continual queries, to quickly identifying unengaged customers in order to minimise cancellations - this platform will elevate the service you deliver to your customers.

Discover the most popular luxflow features…

Customisable project stages, milestones and payment tracker
Estimated project completion date or date range
Personalised updates timeline, with ability to add text, photos and videos
Secure documentation store, with ability to see when opened by customers
Customer notifications via email and/or SMS
Key contacts area, with ability to add contact details and photos
Visibility of last customer log-in dates
Customisation options to represent your brand
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“luxflow provides a space for clients to feel fully engaged throughout the build of their new home. Documents are easily accessible, so clients can see everything at a glance rather than trawling through emails with attachments, and they feel much more involved with the live construction updates and milestones."

Michelle Kidd
Senior Sales Advisor
Kirkwood Homes

Benefits your team will experience:

More time available to focus on sales activity
Happier, more informed and trusting customers that are easier to manage
Enhanced ability to track and manage all customers’ build stages, milestones and upcoming payments
Ability to quickly identify unengaged customers to minimise cancellations
Greater control and visibility over sending important documentation
Increased chance of referrals due to a positive customer experience

Benefits your customers will experience:

Greater clarity around build stages, upcoming milestones and payments
Less time spent contacting sales team for updates
Enhanced experience - instead of confusion and anxiety, they’ll feel confident and excited
Lifetime access to all documentation related to their purchase at the click of a button
Instant access to contact details for all key people related to their purchase
One central hub for all communications and documentation, which simplifies the process of buying their home

Helping you to adhere to the new NHQB framework

In 2022, the New Homes Quality Board (NHQB) launched a code of conduct that covers the full process of buying a new home – from initial contact to the end of a developer’s warranty. This code aims to ensure that developers act in a “responsible, fair and respectful manner” to consumers.

luxflow’s digital platform can not only help your team to deliver a high level of service to your customers, but evidence that you’re treating customers fairly.

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